Safety Gets Smarter in the Dodge Charger

The first iteration of the Dodge Charger was a powerful machine. With a hefty V8, whoever you took along with you for a ride felt pretty special in that metal hull. Now, the car game has a different strategy. They found out that the same engine could be refined - reduced, even - for more power with less fuel. Now, the latest technology innovations have gone from smart gadgetry on the interior to a lot of safety features on the exterior to keep you and yours safer, even with more power under the hood.

Because the term "adaptive cruise control" is not too illustrative, the Charger is here to demonstrate just how such a feature looks in action.

For a more hands-on experience with these new features, come in to Maguire Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and take a test drive around Watkins Glen, NY. With greater technology comes more power, and better safety.

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